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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

  •  All dog waste must be bagged and binned (bins are provided).

  •  All dogs must be up to date with their worming, flea and tick treatments.

  •  Payments are non-refundable and must be paid to confirm the booking.

  •  Early arrivals must stay in the waiting area until the agreed start time. Please stay in the car with the dogs so not to upset dogs already in the fields.

  •  Please park in the inner carpark whilst using the fields. This ensures dogs cannot escape.

  •  Late arrivals will still need to vacate the field by the agreed time.

  • On leaving the field you must lock the gate, even if someone is in the waiting area.

  • All fencing is at least 6ft. If your dog can jump higher than 6ft, I cannot accept responsibility for escapees.

  • Please report any issues that arise when using the fields to myself.

  •  If your dog digs any holes around the boundary, please fill them in before leaving.

  • Only well socialised dogs may book on the group slot.

  •  If you have booked the group slot and your dog attacks a person or dog, or in the event that he/she is involved in a fight, you agree to be responsible for any injuries incurred.

  •  You are responsible for your dogs safety whilst using the fields. I cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury.

  •  I cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to vehicles whilst onsite. Do lock yourself in the field when walking.

  •  Bookings are up to four dogs from the same family for £15 then £3 each extra for any more you own.

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