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Merlin's Meadow
16 & 10 acre secure dog parks

Welcome to Merlin's Meadow. We offer two completely secure parks to rent, just for you and your dogs! The Tewkesbury site is 16 acres and the Redmarley site is 10 acres. They are amongst the biggest dog parks in the country, giving your dogs ample space to stretch their legs and enjoy themselves. This is perfect for dogs with limited recall, reactive dogs and bitches in season. It's also great if you just want a quiet place to walk with no interruptions, or if you have a new dog and want to do some private training.


All fencing and gates are 6ft and parking is onsite. There are plenty of activities to enjoy, including: agility jumps and tunnels, straw bales to explore, sand pits to play in, as well as picnic benches, field shelters, toy boxes, water stations and of course poop bins.




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